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You. Live on air. Whenever you want. Stream your liveshow, broadcast your audio or video event to your audience. Your broadcast is:- free of charge and advertising,- usable without an account,- and fast & easy to use!
All you need is your android phone and a "message". Your audience follows your broadcast live in a web browser. Choose who can watch and listen: your friends and family, your fans, or the general public. Use your social media network with applications like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and/or send the invitation link by email.
Brainrepublic is for everyone: orators, self-promoters, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and all those who have something to say to the world. It is for lectures or training, for product presentations or lectures, to broadcast events or auditions - in short: Brainrepublic is what you make of it.
Simple and transparent: we do not store your personal data!We store as little as possible: we register only the booking your show - nothing more. Once booked you will get your personal links. Do not lose them!
Our Tip: Receive the important details via email. Same here: we won't store your email.